Mr Pumpy's drink of choice!

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All over Cambodia, at 5 PM, the tokolok stalls open up.

Tokoloks are blended mixed fruit and condensed milk drinks, served icy cold. After a day on the road they are a great fillip, and will restore your much needed physical and emotional metabolic balance.

"Who needs steroids when you've got tokoloks?!" says Mr Pumpy.

At Left: Mr Pumpy has made his selection from the fruit case and is now waiting expectantly for his drink.

At Left:After
Ah, that first sip!

At Left: After a day on the road, there's nothing like a tokolok! Take a sip, feel your mind change...

At Left:A
Break the ice with a tokolok!

At Left: For the shy cyclist, tokoloks are the gateway to social ease...

At Left:A
Tokolok - that's Cambodian for CYCLING CONFIDENCE!

At Left: Riding up the Mekong to Lao takes on a whole new meaning...