The small town of Chang or maybe Sre Sbov. Mr Pumpy was so addled by this stage of the ride that he couldn't quite work out where he was, and forgot to ask.

In the photo his brain is in survival mode and working something like this:
1. Get sugar cane juice.
2. Get food.
3. Make sleeping motions to woman/man in shop, and point up and down street.
4. If woman/man says something unintelligible, but points excitedly at something, then that's the hotel. Go there.
5. If woman/man says something unintelligible, and doesn't point, then there's no hotel.
6. If there's no hotel, stand in shop and look pathetic. Wait for someone to come to rescue.
7. As soon as someone comes to rescue, look happy. Follow them to house. Nod and smile at everyone in house to let them know that, despite being smelly and dirty, I am a good guy.
8. Have bath, go to sleep, get up early, pay the woman in the house (not the man) and get back on road.
9. Remember to head in right direction.