Clearing the city limits, Bangkok.

Bangkok's a mass of freeway exits, and when it comes to getting out of the city Mr Pumpy advises taking public transport. In the above photo he's sitting in the front seat of the cab with the pannier bags and wheels, whilst I'm in the back with the bike frames.

You'll note Mr Pumpy looks a bit tense, but he always gets this way when embarking on a ride. He settles down quickly once we mount up and begin riding.

Having exited Bangkok both by taxi and train, Mr Pumpy recommends the train. "It's more relaxing, ' he says.

If you're hip on riding every kilometre of your journey, it's actually possible to exit Bangkok in any direction without taking the freeways and major arteries. You just need a good map and some patience, as you'll have to pick your way through kilometre after kilometre of suburbs, cross roads and stop lights. It's up to you.