Download this GIF to your hard disk and print it out. You can then take it with you on your Thai ride and never get lost again! Just fill in the blanks in pencil in CLEAR PRINTED ENGLISH and the Thais will be able to read it and help you out. (This Flash Card was written by Mr Pumpy's good friend Miss Sudha.)

Mr Pumpy has included his Web and email addresses so you can email him from an internet cafe and thank him personally for being a thoughtful guy. (For example, you might write something like this: "Dearest Mr Pumpy, If it wasn't for your 'Flash Card' I'd be dead. I can't thank you enough, but please accept this personal check for 3 billion dollars as a small token of my esteem. Yours faithfully, Bill G.", to which Felix will reply, "Hi Bill, Urgent! Can you rewrite the check out to F-E-L-I-X as I'm having trouble getting the bank to accept any checks made out to Mr Pumpy. Especially any checks for 3 billion dollars. Thanks, your pal, Felix.)