Thai chicken satay? Yes, please!

Mr Pumpy takes pride in his appreciation of Thai cuisine, and he likes to look into every pot, make appreciative 'mmmm' noises and then settle down to compare southern, central and northern Thai spice combinations with the cook. The food ladies appreciate his knowledgeable approach.

The only problem comes when Mr Pumpy is asked about the national dish of Australia. He has noted a look of horror pass across Thai peoples' faces as he launches forth with a spirited description of 'the Great Aussie Meat Pie with Sauce'. Perhaps it loses something in the translation?

'The Great Aussie Meat Pie with Sauce!'

Above: Mr Pumpy hoes into the Australian National Dish... officially yummy!

Quotes taken from one of the many web sites devoted to the Australian Meat Pie - comments in brackets by Mr Pumpy:

"Aussie Meat Pies are unlike any in the world (Mr Pumpy agrees with that...). They are a tradition more than a food (Nobody eats them for the taste...). At a 1978 Melbourne Australian Rules football game, upwards of 40,000 meat pies were consumed (Mr Pumpy will let this statistic speak for itself...). To the Australian, a meat pie is a good healthy quick warm meal (Oh, dear...). Over 260 million meat pies are consumed in Australia every year (Considering that the population of Australia is only 18 million, this is a rather alarming statistic indeed..). "

The Sydney Morning Herald - Towards Sydney 2000 - Best of Australia (The 'best' of Australia? Oh, dear....)
The Meat Pie