The Big Hole!
An email from Jamie in Cambodia

I had just left Kralanh and was riding to Siem Reap. I was coming up to a bridge when this 4WD cut me off. I swerved off to the left, and then back to the right.

Next I find myself a few feet from the back of the 4WD and looking down, I see a BIG HOLE where the bridge surface was missing.

l went straight down the hole with my bike following me.

I grabbed a girder beind my head and I was hanging on thinking..... "Shiiiit!''

Finding that I still had all my limbs, and they all worked, and I wasn't bleeding too much, I figured I could safely drop the last couple of feet into the water.

Result: A few cuts and brusies, bent bar end, very bent rear wheel and, I felt like a bit of a fool.

Mr Pumpy says: Never take your eye off the road, Jamie!