On the train to Aranyaprathet.

The train takes about 6 hours to go from Bangkok to Aran.

Top left: The Thais are pretty cool, and don't mind Mr Pumpy's bike getting in the way of things every few minutes.

On the social scale of getting annoyed at inconveniences, the Thais are at the other end of the spectrum to say, the Germans. And a good thing too!

Mr Pumpy loves this about Thailand.

Bottom left: After 5 hours on the train, Mr Pumpy was really beginning to sweat.

The Thai girl next to him, like all Thais, doesn't sweat, and what's more, doesn't smell.

This is a real problem for farangs in Thailand to which there is no solution. It's just all part of the humiliation of being a sweaty, smelly, incompetent Westerner in the Land of Smiles.

There's not much you can do about it really.